Why I Go

An excerpt from our most recent trip. Team member Kevin answered the call to go, little did he know that the Lord would be planting a seed in Him to someday hopefully return to Uganda.
“When I go home, I’ve got to do more. I had already decided before I came that we would continue where we could to help support. Like keeping our change jars, that’s going to be an ongoing thing. I haven’t talked with the rest of the family about it, but I want to plan to come back. There will definitely be more prayer for these people and I’m going to try to raise some financial assistance for them, but I will definitely be trying to spread the word. These pictures tell a thousand words, but you’ve really go to see it, smell it, live it. You’ve got to tell people, open up their hearts. Help out any way you can. Monetary, goods, come on over and help. For me? I plan on coming back.” Kevin Gray–Olney, Texas ]]>