Growth in the Faith

Faith is something that each of us are called to have as believers.  Faith that we will spend an eternity with our Father in heaven.  Faith that He is in control and knows our every step.  Faith that we are called to be lights to this world and love well.  Faith that He will continually provide.  Faith that He will reveal to us our unique calling either here or elsewhere.   It’s one of the hardest yet crucial things about taking on the role of Christ-follower.  2 Peter 1:3-8 has been heavy on my heart lately.
Supplement Faith w/ goodness
Goodness w/ knowledge
Knowledge w/ self-control
Self-control w/ endurance
Endurance w/ godliness
Godliness w/ brotherly affection
Brotherly affection w/ love
These qualities are ones that I have read, I have meditated on, and I long to present as I walk as a believer of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have faith that it is possible to live out a life confidently seeking the Lord’s guidance through our faith.  Will it be easy? Not all the time.  Will I fail? 9 times out of 10, yes, but isn’t that the beauty of forgiveness and an image of the cross.
Would you challenge yourself along with me and attempt to embody these qualities of faith, daily. To deepen our walk, our faith must also deepen, and taking the proper steps is crucial.  Become content, yet not complacent, Psalm 37:16.  Be humble, pushing pride away, Proverbs 15:23.  Place yourself in communities of believers to hold you accountable in your walk and let’s take responsibility for why we were put here on this earth in the first place—to make disciples of all nations, sharing with others what faith in Jesus Christ looks like. Matthew 28:19-20