It’s time for staff devo again! 

This week’s devotion was brought to us by Dustin Tracy, our Development Director.

Do you ever feel like you are facing the impossible.  Like there is something standing before you that looks like it could never be accomplished because the goal is too far fetched and seemingly impossible to reach? Sometimes the Lord asks us to do what our human selves view as impossible.  He asks us to step out and trust Him, because we realize that without Him, yes, it would be impossible. Joshua 6:1-5

This task that the Lord gave Joshua seemed impossible, to march around the city and bring a wall down through their marching and horn blowing.  But the task is not just the action that takes place, it’s the faith behind the action! Just like Joshua,  we are given tasks which may otherwise seem impossible if God is not in the mix; if He is not in the forefront of the work He chooses us to accomplish for Him. We will be given tasks that we think will be impossible, but isn’t that what faith is all about?  Faith that through these things that seem too big or out of reach, that God will be our guide through each task. If He orchestrates all things, regardless of the outcome, the Lord will complete what He has begun because all things are possible through Him. God has a 100% success rate in “impossible situations.” Take heart, we serve a God that does not have impossible in His vocabulary 🙂
We ask that you join us in prayer for the ministry of Sweet Sleep.  That as a staff we are continually filled with His love and spirit to complete the work He has set before us and do it knowing that with Him all things are possible.