You are His Poem.

This morning during our staff meeting, Gary was able to share what had been on his heart this past week. 
Sometimes we get so caught up in the doing of work, we lose sight of who’s work we are really doing; why we are doing it.  There’s a woman named Cindi Wood who has made a profession of writing books based off of the title “Frazzled.”
This word is something that can so easily describe each and everyone of us, especially living in the society and culture we do in the States—striving to climb a ladder of some sort, filling in a planner with “stuff” to do, and always searching for something more.
Instead of focusing on the doing, the going, the filling of time and space, we have to learn to be joyous in the work we are called to do!  This work was set before us by our Father for our doing.  It is Him through us that is accomplishing and completing the work or task set before each of us.
Philippians 4:4
 Ephesians 2:10 “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. “
With the season of Thanksgiving in the air, what are we truly thankful for?  Why do we have a reason to be thankful in any and all circumstances.  It is Christ Jesus that dwells in each of us that gives us a reason to rejoice when He sets things before us! We are privileged to be given the task to do His work, however that may look.
Will you choose to find joy, the joy that was so carefully placed inside of each and every one of us by the Spirit.
This story (our life) that we are living is a carefully nit together poem written by our Lord and Savior and it was planned exactly the way it is before we were ever placed on this earth.  The work He is doing in and through you is an important piece and line written in this poem and it was by choice; His choice.  He is continually writing new lines to our poem (our lives) each and every day—find joy and peace in that!
Encouragement today to rejoice in the life we have been given; today, choose joy and thankfulness to our creator for choosing us to be a part of His work!