Kids serving Kids

December 13, 2012
Dear Sweet Sleep,
We are thrilled to able to send you the enclosed check for $2,643.00 towards the purchase of mosquito nets for children around the world.
During our Fall Semester here at First Hurst, our 3 year olds-6th graders participate in Missions Programs: Mission Friends (for preschoolers), Girls in Grace (for 1-6th grade girls) and BiG DawGs (for 1-6th grade boys).  Our desire is to disciple kids in their walk with Christ, and to help them discover the unique gifts and talents God has given them.  We then teach them of local and global missions and encourage them to begin using those gifts to serve God by serving others.
Each year, we have an event to help raise funds for missions.  After attending Centrikid Camp last year, and learning about Sweet Sleep, we knew that this was something we wanted our kids to participate in.   We promoted the Nickels for Nets program and the kids were very excited about it.  Our grade school aged kids asked people to sponsor them in one of two events:  Walking or running laps around the park or shooting hoops.   Our preschoolers participated by bringing a nickel to class each week, and then walking with us at the Nickels for Nets event.  On October 28, our kids completed their mission by walking and shooting hoops.  They then collected their pledges which were enough to provide almost 320 nets!
We hope that you are blessed by the efforts of our kids, but we pray that the money will bless the lives of those kids who receive the mosquito nets!  May they hear the gospel message and may their lives be impacted for eternity!
Thanks for your ministry.  Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you in blessing kids around the world!
To God be the glory!
God bless,
Deni Morrow
Children’s Pastor
FBC Hurst