Hello, my name is Hannah Farley.
I am 9 years old and I wanted to share something with you.
Last year our family made a lot of life changing decisions.  Some of them have been very hard and uncomfortable.  During this time we found ourselves complaining and during our complaining we were reminded about all the blessings we have and some people in other countries don’t have those blessings.  Even though there are things that we want we still have so much and we need to focus on giving that’s why we are blessed, to be a blessing.
One night I was complaining about not having my own room but then I learned about children in other countries that don’t even have a bed.  And some of them have dirty beds made out of mats and they need mosquito nets to go over their beds.  And so I was thinking about that.  And I thought that maybe I could help them.  So I am doing a project to raise money for “Nickels for Nets.”
My goal is 1,000 nets.  It only takes 160 nickels, just $8 to provide one net!  A single net can save a life of a child.
I plan to reach my goals by meeting with my teacher and my principle to see if my class and school can help raise money.  I also plan to talk to my children’s pastor at church about “Nickels for Nets.”
I am going to raise money myself by having a lemonade stand, bake sale, yard sale; consign my old things, donations from friends and family and we are working on some other ideas.
With my mom’s help I have created a Facebook group called Imagine to help advertise my project. I have also contacted Sweet Sleep, the organization hat provides the nets and through them I will be able to provide information and collection boxes for each family that wants to help me reach  my goal.
More information for this organization can be found at
I hope you can help me save lives by giving money to Sweet Sleep’s “Nickels for Nets”
You can give directly on their website or you can turn your money into me and with my parent’s help I will send in all the money I collect.  Thank you for helping me reach my goal.
Hannah Farley
Trussville, AL
 To directly help Hannah fulfill her goal of 1,000 nets, please click the link below and write “Hannah’s Nets” in the comment box!