Jen's Pen January 2013

Hello Friends!

January 2013 is an incredibly exciting place to arrive;   the celebration of our 10th year of ministry begins! Our Board and global staff are so thankful for you. Your faithful involvement, prayers and financial support of our ministry has allowed Sweet Sleep to touch the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world. Thank you.
January is often a time of reflection. We pause to rejoice, however we also pause to remember Haiti. Three years have now passed since the devastating earthquake—lives lost, buildings reduced to rubble. Through the destruction and loss, we are mindful of how God takes events like these and makes His name known: countless orphans and hurting have been reached with the gospel and the gift of a bed at a time of chaos, hurt and loss has brought physical and spiritual rest.
Looking through the calendar pages, I see such incredible ministry needs, opportunities and plans. Look for more on our “13 in 13” movement next month. In May I’m excited to announce Sweet Sleep will be hosting our anniversary celebration on May 9th, so save the date! Also, in the coming months, Sweet Sleep will be announcing new global ministry opportunities. Make sure you “like” us on Facebook or “follow” us on Twitter or are subscribed to our blog so that you can stay current on all the important things you’ll want to know and pray about.
Through all of the things ahead in 2013, isn’t it freeing to know that God is at the forefront of our lives and certainly, Sweet Sleep, as He guides us to the children He wants to reach through Sweet Sleep.  Thank you for making the plans, ideas, and dreams into something tangible through your gifts.  I am grateful for each of you!
PS: Have you thought about what your VBS mission focus will be this year?  Why not check out one of our programs and see if something like Nickels-for-Nets or Build-a-Bed would be fitting for this year’s VBS! Please visit our website for more information about these two programs!