What We Have Been Doing in Uganda

Part 1 of 3 Uganda is a country that has been torn apart. People groups, North & South regions, and the LRA have all been factors into how Uganda is today. How the Government is run, how the people groups interact together, and just how the people survive. To create a better life, children will strap themselves to the bottom of Greyhound buses to ride to Kampala to become street beggars. Some don’t even make it to Kampala. But those that do, a life of cyclical poverty begins. All they know is how to live on the streets, to become hard, but to never forget their family back home and send them the money they are able to collect. They become street children. They do have a family back home, but they may not be able to go back home or even know how. Their family may not have been able to provide for the child so they said that they had to go to Kampala so that they could provide for themselves. This is what Josephine – Sweet Sleep’s National Director for Uganda – saw when she was able to go on a 5 day journey with an indigenous partner organization. Josephine was able to see how the organization takes street children and street families that have been displaced in cities and bring them back to their families to restore the community. And we would like to take you on that journey. Beginning May 12th, we will go on a 6 day journey through Josephine’s Journal. We will see the desperation and need for going to larger cities to provide a better life and then the hope and restoration of these children and families by going back to their communities. On May 12th, we will have an Introduction Post to this journey so that we can explain a bit more about how Sweet Sleep can help, and also a quick explanation of the region that Josephine journeyed in – Karamoja. Then May 13th through May 17th, we will release a daily post from Josephine of what she saw on her 5 day journey, along with prayer requests from that day. We are so thankful that God has given Sweet Sleep an opportunity to grow into other regions in Uganda. Please be praying for our continued ministry in Uganda, for the leadership and guidance of Sweet Sleep staff in Uganda, and that God reveals His good, pleasing, and perfect will in ours and your impact on orphans.]]>