A Heart for Moldova (Day 2)

“indigenous adoption” model we experienced while visiting orphans in Ethiopia, the vision for Heart For 1 was born. You might be asking several questions, “What is indigenous adoption? And what is Heart For 1?” Well let me try to answer those questions. Indigenous adoption is simply placing an orphan child with a family from their country. Heart for 1 is a ministry extension of Sweet Sleep, focused on connecting orphan children with loving families. We believe that a child placed in a permanent loving family within their own community is the most sustainable, compassionate, and loving way to care for a child who has lost his or her parents. In March we received word that the first such adoption had taken place. Boris and Maria Seremet, along with their three biological children, adopted a sibling group of two boys (ages 7 and 8) and a girl (age 10). These beautiful children – Dorina, Nicolae, and Vitalie, lost their father several years ago to alcoholism, and were more recently abandoned by their alcoholic mother. The children had been living alone in an old house without heat or electricity for some time until they were removed and taken to a hospital in poor health. It was through their home church that the Seremet family learned of the heartbreaking situation that these children faced. After visiting them in the hospital, they decided to adopt these beautiful children into their family. Today Jen and I had the opportunity to visit Boris, Dorina, Nicolae, and Vitalie. In the six months since their adoption, these children have thrived. They enthusiastically told us how Vitalie loves to play soccer, Nicolae enjoys playing the accordion, and Dorina spends her days drawing nature and animal pictures. Their father, Boris, beamed with pride for his beloved children. kids-photos When you compare the photo taken six months ago to the stories, smiles, and picture we saw today, you know God desires for children to grow up in a family with loving parents to encourage their talents, nurse their sicknesses, and tuck them into bed at night. We celebrate Boris and Maria who have opened their hearts, home and family to these precious children. They love because He first loved us. They adopt because He first adopted us. This week please join me in praying for the Moldova: Heart For The Orphan event. Pray that the message touches the hearts of hundreds of Christians in Moldova and moves them to adopt a child in need of a family in this country. Our goal this week is to raise $20,000 to support this inaugural Heart For 1 effort in Moldova. The solution is clear, but we cannot do it without your help. Please consider making a tax deductible gift to support Sweet Sleep’s ministry extension Heart For 1 and our work to educate and advocate for the orphan population of Moldova. Go to, click donate, and select “Moldova: Heart For Orphans” to ensure your gift will be used to make a family whole. Warmly, Madelene]]>