Maureen Carry Sweet friends, we are left truly speechless by your prayers, messages, and “shares” for our story about Maureen. I met with the Director this evening to receive an update. Yesterday at our beds distribution I found a ten year old girl in a pale blue dress lying listlessly at the outskirts of the crowd.  She was burning hot with fever and unresponsive; her eyes fixed and unmoving. I picked her up and, cradling her in my arms, carried her to our partners. After some time she was identified as a bed recipient. I sat with Maureen in my lap as officials determined what to do. While we waited I fed her sips of an orange crush soda and asked my friends to pray for her.  Finally I was permitted to carry her into the on-site clinic and implored that they begin treatment for malaria. Maureen spent the night in the clinic.  She responded well to the malaria treatment she received last night and was again treated this morning.  Her improvement was good so she was released from the clinic this afternoon. She is now resting at her home being watched over by a community volunteer. Maureen Close I will continue to receive updates on her recovery and will pass those along to you as I do.  Something the Director told me is that she was not the intended recipient of the bed. Her younger brother was.  Maureen and her brother are both HIV positive. I asked WHY she wouldn’t get a bed, but he would. The director explained that because he is younger, and resources are limited, he was considered more vulnerable.  The boy was too young to make the 6 mile walk to the distribution site and as the oldest member of the household, this ten year old girl made the walk for him.  Had she not made that long walk, I would never have found her.  This is only one remarkable story from this week about how God uses us in such powerful ways. His timing and his plan are always perfect. Friends, we cannot let this continue.  Your gift WILL save a life.  Tonight Maureen and her brother are both sleeping under the mosquito net they received yesterday. ONE person gave $50 and provided that bed they they are at this moment fast asleep in.  Please, continue to pray for Maureen and continue to share this story.  And consider making a gift.  $50 provides a bed. $8 provides a life saving mosquito net.  And encourage your friends to give by clicking “share” after your gift is complete. You can be the change to one child’s life tonight.  A child like Maureen. Visit to give and to read more stories from the field. Thanks Friends.  We love you. Madelene and the Sweet Sleep team  Maureen Pray]]>