Gulu Uganda 2013 Travel day

travel As you read this post, we have embarked on our 12 day Mission Journey.  Fifteen of us awoke this morning in our own personal “comfort zones” in the USA.  Tomorrow we will become immersed in the country of Uganda…definitely not our comfort zones.  We started out tired from the many necessary things involved in trip prep.  We will spend 26 hours just getting to our land of ministry.  We have been, are, and will continue to be so dependent not just on God, but on our prayer partners and each other.  Please pray for us today for safe travel free from minor (or major) glitches and that we stay well and get some rest.  Pray for our ministry field because we know it is “ripe for harvest” because God is already their woking in the hearts of the myriad of people we will meet and interact with as we go.  May God be lifted up in all we do. Andra Winegeart]]>