Wednesday, November 6, 2013

beforeandafterboy I remembered his big awesome smile and he remembered me!!! Last year we played with him for some time and when all the beds were given out that day he didn’t get one. He was a new registration and got a mosquito net but had to wait till the next time they would distribute beds to get one. So fast forward to today, a year and 9 months later I get to see him get a bed!!!  God is amazing to allow me to be a part of this! I get goosebumps thinking about it. I’m so humbled and excited that I saw him. But at the same time I’m sad because he had to wait a year and 9 months. To me that says we need to give more money so that more bed kits can be giving out quickly & more people to go on these journeyers year round. Don’t get me wrong there have been several Sweet Sleep journeys since that February 2012 journey and there will be many more BUT what if we had multiple teams going every month???  Children don’t have to wait. BUT at the same time I saw the completion of a ministry started back in February of 2012. So what now?  Spread the word about Sweet Sleep and spread the word about orphans!  Tell people that this can’t be done with out funds and more people to go on journeys to hand them out. (Again HUGE dream but we have a HUGE God! What if Sweet Sleep had multiple teams going on journeys every month?!). Sadly it comes to money!  It’s so much more than just asking people to give. It’s asking people to see with God’s eyes and hear with God’s ears what He sees and hears and then acting on it. The need is great and unfortunately to provide these needs it requires money. $50 provides a complete bed set for one child. Alyson Walker  ]]>