Gulu Uganda Distribution Day 3

photo Through the eyes of our youngest member   I’m sharing with you our third day of distributions through the eyes of a sixteen year old. The trend of long and bumpy roads continued as we traveled 3 hours outside of Kitgum to reach our distribution site. Pulling up to the site we had no clue what to expect as this was sweet sleep’s first distribution in the area. While exiting the vans, we were greeted by hundreds and hundreds of villagers, which quickly turned into thousands. The amount of people crowding around us quickly became overwhelming as they sang and danced us to our seats.   We sat on the inside of a large circle under a tree unlike anything native to America. They treated us like royals as the local women performed a variety of ceremonial dances and the children sang and danced for us as well. Time dwindled on and the circle got more closed in as more and more peopled came to the site. At one point I could not see daylight through the people circling us.  One could easily become panicked or scared, but not our team.  As we knew Mark was sharing the word of God and we were there to bring hope.  The beds didn’t arrive until we had seen every dance, heard every song, listened to every speech, and viewed every play.   The distribution process proved to be quite the challenge because there were only 120 children registered to receive the beds and hundreds upon hundreds there with hope of sweeter sleeping. I speak for the entire team when I say that we were overwhelmed with people trying to take the beds before it was their turn. In the end all were given to their correct recipients; however, it was a struggle. 120 beds were given to people in the district, but there are still over a thousand kids hoping and praying that one day soon, they too can have a bed and malaria net to call their own.   After all this I left knowing our work had only just begun.  There are many children still waiting for beds.  $50 provides a bed, bible, and mosquito net.  And it only takes $8 to provide a life-saving mosquito net.  Please help us provide Sweet Sleep by giving at   Thank you for your prayers!   Megan Hardin]]>