Uganda Distribution Day 4

photo-2 Today was Distribution Day #4 and WOW, what a day! I will try to capture this special day by sharing a few highlights with you, they are as follows:

  1. The weather was beautiful
  2. Our destination was only (30) minutes away
  3. The greeting we received upon our arrival was energetic, passionate and traditional
  4. The area school children were full of smiles as they played on the swing set and slide
  5. The tree under which we sat for the program was quite impressive and cast a large shade for the hundreds of locals
  6. The area leadership had created a very detailed agenda by which we followed closely
  7. The people of Uganda serve as great hosts; our seats were placed up front and the key leader was very prompt in having us inch our chairs forward as the sun crept up on us from behind
  8. We shared songs, introductions, smiles and The Gospel
  9. We played soccer or futbol, Frisbee and “Duck Duck Goose”
  10. The children lined up as their name was called, full of hope and excitement displayed by either a curtsey or a “thank you”
  11. The sweet words of “Jesus Loves You” rang out loud
photo-3 We left the gathering as a team (Tulsa, OK, Nashville, TN and Belton, TX) fulfilled knowing that we had been obedient to the call God had given us and completely satisfied in our Lord Christ Jesus! photo-4 Thank you Father for including us in your holy and precious work. Eddie Humphrey, FBC Belton]]>