Uganda Distribution Day 4

photo-1 My heart was filled with various emotions because I knew it was our final day of distributing beds. However, for these 90 children in the northern most part of Uganda, it was one of the happiest days of their lives because they knew that Sweet Sleep was coming.  So I tried to imagine their emotions.  I bet their hearts were filled with joy. The African greeting of our team is simply indescribable. It is so different from the stoic American greeting.  They sing…they dance…they play drums, horns, whistles, and a variety of instruments.  They really show their emotions and always made me feel like royalty or a celebrity. All the children have different reactions to the receipt of their gifts. The older boys are more stoic.  Some girls bow.  Some offer thanks. Some walk right by without a word.  And then there are those that trill exuberantly. Those are the ones that make my heart sing. Those are the ones that make me want to serve with Sweet Sleep in Uganda again and again.  It is so hard to imagine how the ownership of 1 simple bed, a net, and a Bible can so change the life of a child and their family unit. I saw over and over that the most important of these gifts was the Bible.  That’s how they felt and that is how I feel too. photo-5 As we start our 4-day journey home tomorrow, we can rest know that 400 orphans are now sleeping sweetly. To add one more child to the list you can give at $50 provides one child with a complete bed kit. (mattress, mat, blanket, mosquito net and a Bible) Ronda Brown, South Tulsa Baptist Church]]>