I gave a gift and it changed my life

given a gift that changed your entire existence? Christmas, six years ago, I did… Christmas 2008 I wanted to give something a little different. That year I gave two bunk beds to kids in Uganda. That’s all it took. Sweet Sleep Uganda-4473 I remember watching a video about an orphan receiving a bed for the first time and the way it made me cry. How had I taken something like a bed for granted and how was it possible there were so many children without something so basic as a good night’s sleep? I remember dreaming with my husband about making impactful gifts and about going on mission trips to hand deliver the beds. Little did I know how faithful God would be with the dreams and prayers of a stay at home mom of three tiny children, how far He would take my family into this mission, or that one day I would lead the Organization I had just given beds through. Now, six years later as God is still revealing the fullness of His plan, it’s time for Give the Gift again. I’m so prayerful for this time because I know how deeply impactful something like this gift can be. Mine was a gift that changed the lives of four children at an orphanage called Africa Greater Life in Kampala, Uganda. And I know those beds changed those lives because, later that summer, when I was “just” a stay at home mom I went on my very first mission trip to hand deliver the four beds I gave that Christmas. Sweet Sleep Uganda-4437I gave the gift so that I could change my family’s Christmas. I gave the beds so that I could change the lives of those orphans. But that gift changed my life more than anything. God had tremendous plans for that gift, just as He has tremendous plans for the gifts that will be given this Christmas season. How will He use your gift? How many lives will your gift touch? Is he calling you to hand deliver hope this summer? How does God plan to change you or your family through your giving this season? Give the gift of hope, peace, and Sweet Sleep here: Give The Gift For more information about Give the Gift or year-end giving, email Or visit Merry Christmas! Madelene Metcalf President, Sweet Sleep]]>