Letter from the President (Winter 2015)

We have more ways than ever to be involved with Sweet Sleep this year! We’ve updated and redesigned our popular kids programs, Nickels 4 Nets and Build-A-Bed. We’ve also added the brand new Pajama JAM! featuring Yancy, a children’s worship music leader known for ‘making Jesus loud!’ Youth and students are also invited to take their understanding of the orphan crisis farther than ever before with our reimagined Under the Stars and INSOMNIA events. It’s almost summer, which means time for VBS. This year we’re making it a little interesting! Read more about the VBS challenge at And be sure to email to find out how a Sweet Sleep team member can help host your VBS celebration. When it comes to encouraging kids to help kids, we’re really good sports! Feeling called to GO? For the first time ever, we have nearly a dozen mission journey opportunities to four locations around the world, to serve 3,000 beneficiaries and their families. Make this the year YOU hand-deliver hope. Teams are forming now. We’re looking for church groups, team leaders and individuals to distribute beds in Uganda, celebrate with business graduates of our family preservation programs in Ethiopia, and participate in our inaugural adoptive family summer camp in Moldova. More information and resources for these opportunities are available at The orphan crisis has never been greater, but the solution has never been more within our reach! It doesn’t take extravagant programs or government actions. It takes YOU. I’m prayerful and filled with hopeful anticipation as God reveals His plan for you, as you join Sweet Sleep to provide not only a bed for every head, but a family for every orphan! Gratefully, Madelene-Signature Madelene Metcalf President]]>