Intro to Uganda 2015

We’re back in Uganda! #gulu #uganda #charity

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I have been learning about Sweet Sleep all summer, and I cannot wait to see the Lord’s power in action through Sweet Sleep. I hope to speak to the elders and hear their life stories, and I hope that the beds and nets that we give will protect the children from malaria.


I hope to grow this week. Would love to be stretched and pushed to be bold in sharing the love of Jesus. I hope to encourage our brothers/sisters over here and pray for them. I’m excited to see God move in ways we could never plan or imagine.


My hope for this mission is to see God’s power like I have never seen before! To have His Holy Spirit moves in ways we don’t often get to see in the normal hustle and bustle of our lives in America. It is such an honor to be Gods servant. I pray I make Him proud and do His will in bringing the good news of our Lord and Savior to the children here in Uganda. That they may know the reason they are receiving these beds is because of Jesus love!!!!


I expect to provide much better bedding to the “least of these children” that Jesus so loved and have the opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ to them. I hope to gain some type of confirmation from the children that the bedding is greatly appreciated and they leave us feeling joyful and loved by God. I dream that the children not only appreciate the bedding but they tell us they love Jesus and want Him to be in their hearts forever.


My hopes and expectations for this trip are to touch as many lives as I can through Sweet Sleep with giving beds to the children. With this as the foreground of my mission I more importantly hope to nurture their faith in the Lord and to realize he is here watching over them and they are never alone. The final thing I hope for is with that faith comes hope – hope that with the Lord and love of his people they can grow and accomplish anything they want. They can get an education and become a doctor, engineer or just grow and become a strong provider for their family. Whatever their dreams are I pray to give hope because through Christ our Lord all things are possible.


I dream to see this team experience Gulu and the life-changing, life-saving work that Sweet Sleep does. I hope that God would give me greater clarity in how to join the work He is doing in Uganda.


I hope to be a part of a new beginning for a family in not only providing a bed, but in a physical, spiritual, and emotional way.


I pray that my heart is broken, and made fully alive, for the things and the people that break God’s heart.
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