Day One Experience – Uganda

“Overwhelming. Heavy. Heartbreaking.” Some of the words I heard from this team at the end of their first day in the field in Uganda. Unbelief. It can’t be possible. There’s so much need. I watched as the team unpacked all they had seen for the first time. Not only a third world country, but children: sick, hungry, crippled. Red dirt roads, mud huts; everything you think of when you think of being deep in the Africa bush. But to actually be there, for the first time… “Stunning. Magnificent. Amazing.” Still more words I heard, as I watched the video confessions of day one of beds distributions in Gulu. And I watched the team come alive as they described the experience of being among the precious, joyful, and faithful people of Northern Uganda. “Why didn’t they all get beds? Why can’t we do more? How can we tell others about this need?” I began to cry as I heard new friends joining me in the fight I’ve been fighting for a long time. These kids need beds and it’s our responsibility to provide them. “Love of Jesus. Hope in Christ. God’s love for us.” The reasons I heard, over and over, for why this team is here. And the greatest take away for them all: Thank you, God, for allowing me to come. – Madelene