Storms, Grief, and Purpose (Kurt Koehn)

I am typically a cynic when I think the way I think. I do much better when I think the way the Indwelling Holy Spirit teaches me to think.  I think Megan might be better off dead and in the arms of Jesus right now. But then I am reminded that God creates us all for a magnificent purpose and Megan deserves the chance to know her beautifully created plan. But it’s not going to happen if I don’t learn to care more, and more people learn to start caring at all. Oh, Megan may survive AIDS, but then she must learn to survive without her uncle because, well, I just don’t think he is going to live much longer.  There are a few other adults in her little community of huts, but I don’t trust them. I am sure they are good people, but they are all struggling. Then there are the worms which can be treated with medications and the ever present chance of Malaria. The deck is stacked. I hope she is dry right now and maybe, for whatever reason, feeling just a little bit loved. On a related note, as one who likes to trust but verify everything, the visit to Megan’s little mud hut was breathtaking.  I look at the pictures and I think this has to be staged, but then I remind myself that I was there. Her uncle testified to their condition, and it was a horrible one.  So we do get before and after pics. That seems pretty staged, right? Well it’s a fair representation of the hut before her bed was placed and afterward. Clearly the most valuable thing they own right now, other than their daily ARV medicine, is that $50 bed. 50 bucks for a bed. Is it really going to matter?  Would you rather Megan be sleeping on a Sweet Sleep bed tonight or the wet mat it replaced?

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