Happy Birthday to Sweet Sleep

Not only that, but Sweet Sleep has become a leader in Children’s Ministry programs in the US. Tens of thousands of our own children have learned about the orphan crisis, and once they know, they want to act. A child can understand the need for a bed. It’s tangible, relatable, and it isn’t scary. Our curriculum and fun resources have proven to be effective first steps for churches and families desiring to lead a missional life. And there’s nothing more impactful than telling a child in Africa that a child in America worked hard to provide their brand new bed. savannah with kid

We’re so excited to celebrate our birthday by doing what we love best: serving others!

This year Sweet Sleep is teaming up with local non-profit Both Hands Foundation to provide a day of service where a team of volunteers, sponsored by supporters like you, will serve a widow by doing home repairs, cleaning, and yard work. The money we raise through this project will support Sweet Sleep’s programs in Moldova and East Africa that are helping orphans to be adopted into families within their communities. The party continues this Saturday, August 8, as a team of volunteers will serve Ms. Kate Chereico, a widow who lives in Franklin, TN. Her late husband was a Veteran and a Pastor who lovingly served people in his community and abroad on mission trips. Ms. Kate is a member of Brentwood Baptist Church, where she volunteers her time with Grief Share and Widows of Hope. She is so excited to be a catalyst for positive change in the lives of children in East Africa and Moldova, and with your help, we can change children’s lives by serving her. together with There are a number of ways you can help us celebrate our birthday, and in turn serve a widow in our community and orphans around the world!
  1. Help send letters to ask for sponsorship money. It’s not too late! Email for more information and supplies.
  2. Volunteer your time to help Ms. Kate by doing yard work and home repairs on August 8th. Email for time and location.
  3. Donate any yard work supplies or tools that you own or can get donated. Bring donations to the Sweet Sleep office today at 116 Wilson Pike Circle, Suite 100, in Brentwood.
  4. Donate money to the project. Think big! Go to

Here’s to 12 years of incredible ministry!

We could not have done it without you! Thank you for your love and support of this ministry, and for your passion and calling to fight for the least and the last. Together we are changing the lives of children around the world, and showing them how much God loves them. May God continue to bless this work as we move boldly into another year of demonstrating God’s love and hope in Christ to the world’s orphaned and abandoned children. ]]>