Our Both Hands Project

Both Hands Foundation to serve a local widow by doing home repairs and giving her a total yard makeover! Early Saturday morning, a team of more than twenty volunteers arrived at local widow, and Brentwood Baptist Church member, Kate Chereico’s home, which had become completely overgrown with a jungle of weeds. Since her husband’s passing ten years ago, she has not been able to maintain the beautiful property she and her late husband had made into their home fifteen years ago. Our team took to the task with chainsaws, shovels, rakes, and protective gear to remove seven flatbed trucks of overgrowth, excavate a pond, and lay seven truckloads of fresh mulch. Inside, a crew patched stained and crumbling ceilings and touched up flaking paint. In all, over 240 hours of manual labor were given to Ms Kate that day! ms kate Now, Ms Kate’s beautiful yard is a sanctuary, ready for her grandchildren to enjoy as she sips lemonade on the fresh and clean back porch. What Ms Kate continued to remark upon was the pure JOY with which the team served! She called it a joy that could only come from serving the Lord. Not only was a wonderful widow served in her time of need, but more than 800 support letters seeking sponsorship for this volunteer work were sent to friends and family. And it’s absolutely not to late to support this work! Give, seeing the impact this team had on Ms Kate. Think big! Donate knowing 100% of your gifts will go to promote, support, and sustain Sweet Sleep’s efforts to place and keep kids in adoptive families in their own communities in Moldova, Uganda, and Ethiopia!

Sweet Sleep gave Both Hands for our birthday!

One for the widow, one for the orphan. Would you join us and give, knowing your gifts will help a child to be adopted into a loving Christian family in their own community? Ms Kate was blessed and so were we. Now it’s time to respond to the children who are waiting for their forever families. Your gifts WILL change the life of a child! To give, go to working 1 working 2 working 3  

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