A Light Bulb Moment

Because of my love for music, I grew up going to lots and lots of Christian concerts. In each of them I heard the artist pitch a missions organization and well, it was always this thing that I knew to expect but usually the story didn’t resonate within me. It seemed more going through the motions and a necessary evil to get to the rest of the show. I’ll never forget the first time I heard about the ministry of Sweet Sleep. My heart heard the story. A light bulb went off within me and I knew from day one I wanted to be a part of this ministry. I completely got what they were trying to do. Their mission made sense to me and I knew it was something I could get behind and support both financially and through relationships with others. I make music for kids and families. I knew that most the kids I sing for have beds, pillows and homes to sleep in and families to sleep with. I was confident that the American kids I minister to could understand and grasp how the kids Sweet Sleep ministers to live a very different life but also how they could take part and help these kids. 

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I love how providing a bed, pillow, and sheets serves these precious kids and shows them the love of Jesus.

This past year, I’ve learned more about the efforts through their family preservation programs to help parents have the tools and skills they need to take care of their families. It’s amazing to me how for such a relatively small amount of money a family can remain intact. Parents have the ability to care for their kids.

I have loved giving each month and knowing I was giving to life change. I encourage you to join me. Help your family write a better story for other kids and families. You’ll never regret giving and supporting Sweet Sleep this Christmas and the whole year long.

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