Necessary Adjustments

_49A6894 And while this is great news that should make a big difference in the lives of these people, what we’re learning on this trip is that projects involving livestock like pigs and goats are somewhat slow to develop and should be paired with village savings and loan opportunities so that individuals can support themselves with immediate relief through small-scale business, while the larger cooperative businesses develop. This highlights for us the importance of trips like this, and follow-up with these groups.

Furthermore, input from the community leaders is critical to the success of these programs; they know details about their circumstances that we can’t possibly know.

Sometimes through experience, we see that adjustments must be made based on the unique needs of the communities in which we serve. But those adjustments help us tailor a solution that will effectively and sustainably end poverty for the members of these groups. We’ve been blown away by the success stories we’ve been hearing this week. Businesses are thriving, meaning kids are going to school, meals are a regular part of the day, and communities are finding hope. We’ve also learned valuable insight into how to best attack poverty in Uganda and we’re encouraged to see the remarkable change these communities are experiencing.]]>