Mary and Immanuel

IMG_3028 Some have asked how the children are chosen to receive this gift. Sweet Sleep has in-country social workers that work within the villages and settlements to identify at-risk children. They are amazing and do an outstanding and very difficult job. One might ask what is considered at-risk? Aren’t all of these children at-risk? Well yes, but with limited resources and many, many children in need, Sweet Sleep has developed criteria to identify the children that are most at-risk. A highlight of the day was meeting two very specific children, and having the privilege of going to their homes. Hut_opt   The first was Mary. Her parents committed suicide and she was left alone. Her distant uncle has since taken her in. She is five years old, and the most beautiful little girl.

Her bed, blanket, net and Bible will provide much comfort in her very unsettled world.

The second child has a variety of special needs and his mother decided she could not care for him. She left him and so far has not returned. A very sweet lady found the boy abandoned and picked him up and is caring for him. He is three years old and does not walk or talk, but has the most precious smile and a twinkle in his eye. Both of these children were identified ahead of time as being at-risk and thus received their beds today. Both children are beautiful, precious to God, and loved as His children. Hopefully they will come to know Him and know how much they are valued and cared for. Oh by the way, the little three-year-old boy’s name: Immanuel. God With Us! Indeed He is. Melanie McCarthy July, 2018 Uganda Team]]>