Reflections From Mission Team Member Debbie Rankin

This week in Uganda has been an amazing experience for our family, and I want to share a few things that have touched my heart. When we arrive at the village each day we are greeted by the women singing and dancing. The joy and rejoicing of these people who have so little is humbling. The children are precious. Although they do not know us, they put their hands in ours with trust as we lead them through the process of receiving a bed, a blanket, a mosquito net, and a Bible. They will receive physical comfort from the bed, blanket, and mosquito net, however it is clear that they treasure their Bible the most. The value they place on the Word of God and knowing Jesus is inspiring. 

 I have found myself drawn to the elderly women and men. Many of them are caring for young children. They take my hand in theirs with such kindness and dignity and often offer a warm embrace. They have had a very hard life, but they recognize the hope and love we share in Jesus.

Dave and I have had the privilege of watching our children serve with kindness and compassion. Kids relate to kids in a unique way across cultures. They have also prayed for the women who are working to feed their families. It simply fills my heart! I hope that they will continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus wherever they are planted.

Thank you to Sweet Sleep for letting us be a small part of bringing the love of Jesus to the Ugandan people. They are in our hearts!

Debbie Rankin
Sweet Sleep Team Member