4, 3, 2, 1

We’re here!!!! 4 countries, 3 flights, 2 days and 1 happy team! We had a safe and uneventful arrival in Uganda, including an unexpected stopover in Rwanda which apparently was just part of the regular flight plan, that no one told us about 🙂 We are just now nestling down for the night under our mosquito nets! We are tired but overall in good spirits! Can’t wait to meet our kids in the morning. I am so looking forward to meeting people here. I want to know their stories, ask them their history and hear about their lives. Uganda suprisingly reminds me of Moldova in the summertime. Smoke from trash fires and factories filled the sky tonight and even though it’s cool, it’s still muggy! Bumpy roads, crazy drivers… so far it’s what I pictured. Rich and poor living right across the street from one another. Tonight in our devotional time, Hannah asked us to think about the one thing we wanted God to accomplish this week in and through us. Statistics tell us that when we write our goals out, we are that much more likely to see them accomplished. So we’ve written our God sized goals out, traded with a praying team member and are expectantly waiting to be awed by our God. This is what I’ve been waiting for. To Him be all the glory. Sweet dreams… more to come! Amy

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  1. Donna

    Amy, glad to read that you are all there and settling in. This is a serious trip, not sure why I have this feeling, I’ve not had it on the other trips. All of us who are stateside are interceding that this is an amazing trip for all of you, and love on those children on our behalf. Tell my Hannah hello.
    Donna Westphall

  2. achoppingblock.com

    Leslie, I left the phone # at work. Dad is ok will stay over night and do it again tomorrow. Don’t worry, you have some important days ahead of you there. Much Love and we are praying for the whole group.

  3. Gene

    So glad you all got there safely. Grason, Atley and Alden say a great big LOVE YOU to our Mom (Stacey Spain)…. We are so proud of you… We pray for you and all the team every night and at every meal….

  4. Diane

    To Amy, the team and especially Cortnie, we’re SO glad you all made it safely and are praying for each of you daily. I just know God is going to do great things on this trip with the team members and those precious children! Blessings to you all! We love you, especially Cortnie! 🙂

    Mom and Dad

  5. Gene

    What amazing pictures! Praying for all of you. Stacey the kids are Great!!!!!! You would be very proud of them. I began to cry as I looked at the pictures, not because of sadness, but because of JOY! Our GOD is so AWESOME! You guys are truly Serving this week and I pray God’s continued blessings on all of you! Love You Much Stacey! May God use each of you in a MIGHTY WAY! 🙂

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