Today is day 5 of our Sweet Sleep mission to Gulu, Uganda, and for me personally, the most physically and emotionally charged day so far. I know full well that it will take quite some time for me to process what I have seen here: the extreme poverty, the disease ridden bodies of the sweet and helpless children, the faces of grandmothers and elder care takers with deep lines of their hard life etched into their faces. Toddlers left alone to beg for money on the street. The red dirt roads. The defiance of this wonderful country. The beautiful faces. The smiles and laughter of precious AIDS/HIV children receiving the first real bed they’ve ever owned. The hope. I have been so very moved. What an honor it has been to listen to their stories, to see their scars, to love on them and tell them that God loves them more than they could ever imagine. 

Today we distributed 90 beds to children affected with AIDS/HIV. Their faces painted the  picture of how incredibly difficult their lives have been. And yet, they are thankful for what we are providing and glorify God for his grace and mercy.

It is easy to be complacent from far away, but as a dear friend said to me in a letter I received today, being here and seeing what Ive seen now makes me responsible to tell you the truth of the need here. The truth is not pretty. It is uncomfortable and heartbreaking. The truth is that the need is so great. Greater, in fact, than I had ever imagined. This is a country where Malaria, a disease that is both preventable and curable, is more prevalent than HIV and AIDS and is killing these precious people. These people desperately need your help. Only $8 provides a mosquito net and we still need over 300 of them. Our team is earnestly praying that God will provide. I wish you were here with me to see the faces of these vulnerable children. I wish you could see them light up when receiving their beds and listen to the beautiful songs they sing in praise to God. Surely if you could see and hear, you would gladly give. I pray that you will listen to the Lord and that if he puts it on your heart, you will make a small sacrifice to literally save the life of another. 

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