I am not sure what exactly I want to say I just feel the need to say something! We have made so many dear friends this week. It just amazes me how quickly everyone bonded. Our translators are such wonderful people that I just want to scoop them all up and bring them home with us. The people on our team I believe have become good friends. I can only hope and pray that these new found friendships continue and do not fade when we get home. We have been so blessed to be allowed to visit this beautiful place. The best description I can think of for the outer towns would be to take a village from Old Mexico and drop it in the middle of Kauai Hawaii. Our devotional times have been amazing. Dan had us all sign a sheet before we ever left Whitehouse and the way God laid messages on each persons heart always fell in with what was going on at that time. People were not shy about letting their personalities out and we enjoyed many laughs together. I guess forcing people to get out of their boxes really helps! I also pray that we can all stay out of our boxes when we get home. There is so much talent to be shared. I just thank God for this opportunity. The children at Ivancea are so precious and I would ask for all your continued prayers for their futures and for their faith to stay strong. The special needs orphanage really made me realize how very blessed we are. The way that John, Carolyn, and Kelsey came together with us you would think that they are just misplaced Texans. I for one will miss them greatly! I, for one, will have to say that this trip was GREATABLE! Thank you, John, for letting me use your blog site. God Bless! Sheila

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