A Day at the orphanage..

OK, Jon asked me to blog but then we noticed that several people had already blogged on Sweet Sleep’s blog (www.sweetsleep.blogspot.com) so I thought that I would picture blog tonight since it is now 6:15 a.m. (Moldova time) and I spent most of last night downloading pictures.. Let’s just say our day at the orphanage was awesome. If the kids had as much fun with us as we did with them then this trip has already been a success. Who would have thought that the Chicken Dance would have been such a success at snack time. Hope you enjoy these pictures..

Gotta run, they need to table for breakfast…

Keep up the prayers,


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  1. Jan

    Great Pics!!! Lovin’ readin’ all your adventure stories! Continue to be safe and bring the Glorious Story to these kids!! See ya soon!

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