A Moldovan Miracle —Click on comments for recent updates!

I took this picture as one of my flights to Moldova was preparing to land in Chisinau. The email below shares amazing, AMAZING news…..Olesea is coming home to Nashville. Praise God. Wow. Words escape me for how incredible this is and what it means for the future of other children in Moldova.

Please join me in praying for Olesea as she leaves behind her entire world, her surroundings, the other children who have become her family, her closest friends and her boyfriend, the sights and sounds and even the food. Please pray for her to adapt well. Please pray for those here in Nashville and everywhere else to love her patiently and to be sensitive to her adjustment.

Also, please join me at the airport tomorrow night. I wonder if Olesea will see the clouds like this over Moldova.

Hello friends,
Just a quick note to let you all know that Olesea
has an approved visa and will be coming home this
friday the 12th to nashville airport on flight
dl1051 At an estimated arrival of 4:30pm. I would
like to take this opportunity to thank you for
all the prayers and the undeniable faith in our
great God.To him be all glory. If you know of any
others to pass this message to that would be
greatly appreciated.
Many more blessing

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  1. Beasley

    I wish I could go to the airport, but it is my last day at work before I leave for college…my thoughts will definitely be with everyone at 4:30 tomorrow evening!
    Praise God that she can come home!

  2. Sweet Sleep


    Hello all!

    Thanks so much to all who came to the Moldova prayer group tonight. It was a great time of sharing and praying…and mostly about this exciting news of Olesea’s coming home!

    I got this email from Tammy just before I left for the prayer night and wanted to share it with all who were not there. It’s so great.

    Keep praying, as you can read…your prayers are so important and so encouraging. Please be in prayer for Steve Davis who’ll be taking Inga to the Embassy. Well, actually as I type this I am realizing they are already there…if you read this then pray now and keep praying!

    Olesea and Tammy are in the air…pray for all the many things you can think of as they travel through strange places and go through customs, etc.

    We’ll see you at the airport Friday at 4:30 (Delta).

    Pray on,

    Here’s Tammy’s Email:
    Thank you so much for the prayers and your including us in your blog site. I saw it for the first
    time today and it made me cry to think of all the people praying for us. God has been faithful.
    This morning we went to the the embassy for our final shot at a visa before our scheduled flight. We arrived at 7 am to get in line for the opening time of 8 am. We were number 29 on the waiting list.
    At 8 am an announcement was made that they would only take 20 applicants today. My heart sank. We explained to the guard that we already had approval but the system was down on Tuesday, so we were told to return today.
    He had me call on a phone on the wall and I was told there was nothing she could do but to call
    back after 2 pm. I knew that there was no way that they would take another application after 2:00,
    so I went to a reception door with a buzzer and a speaker. I was told that there was nothing they
    could do. As I prayed in my heart, my mouth told them that I was an American citizen and I wanted
    to see an American right away. I was refused. I pulled out a cell phone that I had borrowed and
    told them that I wanted the number to the United States government.
    This really seemed to upset them and they immediately took me to the door where they were issuing
    visas. He had me wait outside and came back in a few minutes and said that we were on the list.
    The American officer had remembered us from previous conversations in the week and approved us being added today. It took 6 hours for Olesea to be
    called for her interview, but it was approved!!!
    Praise God! Eph. 3:20 “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine,
    according to his power that is at work within us”
    It has been a roller coaster of emotions this past few weeks, but God has sent people in our lives
    to pray for us and to email me with encouragement. I would like for you to let people know how much we truly appreciate all of the prayers. There were
    people praying across this country that I don’t even know, but this truly show the body of Christ
    coming together.
    I know you will continue to pray for Olesea and our family as we make adjustments to American
    life (that includes me!!) Feel free to email us with
    comments, encouragements, prayers, or questions, over the months to come. She is a blessing to us
    all. I feel it brings hope that we can each have some small part in this huge task in Moldova.
    Thank you Jen,
    Hey I have video for you, so we need to get together.
    Many Blessigs,
    Love Tammy
    I forgot to mention, but ask you to continue to pray for Inga.
    I could not talk them into seeing her today. I have left Steve to continue the task in the
    morning. He will be going to the embassy on her behalf
    at 9 am on Friday.

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