A moldovan perspective

My name is Ilie Ciobanu and I’ve been working with Sweet Sleep for three years. I met different people while I worked with the teams and all of them had a desire to serve God and to help the orphan children by giving them a new bed and it was not just only to give a bed, but to give them the love which they showed to the children. I was able to not just to be the one who interpret for the people from USA but to be a part of the project and help build beds and spend time with this precious kids. I enjoy working with kids and I believe we did a great job with God’s help. I know that kids from orphanage liked those beds and they not only liked those beds but they can have a sweet sleep on their beds and remember the good people that brought the beds.
I am very happy and it is a privilege for me to work with Sweet Sleep and to bring joy to the kids because children are our future. May God bless and rewar everybody who took part in helping these children.

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