…a note from Sarah

Each day working with the kids seems to get better and better and today was no different. It seems as though we always come to these trips with the idea that we are going to help the kids and that we are going to share Christ with them, but this is not all that happens. Usually we end up getting more out of the experience than the kids do. Today, with my mediocre Romanian I was talking to Grigore (Gregory), a 15 year old boy, about his bracelets that the girls handed out that represented Jesus’s love for each of the children. Then Grigore began telling me about his relationship with Jesus and how when he first began going to church he went with a missionary from Germany but now he just goes by himself. How awesome is it that he loves Jesus so much that he goes to church each week regardless of the difficulties?

Each day has been filled with blessings and I regret we only have two more days with these wonderful kids! Thank you all for all of your prayers!


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