A Special Thanksgiving

Hello Friends,

This week in Gulu has been an amazing blessing.  As you’ve been able to read, we have had the opportunity to bless so many children (and their care-givers) with a few items that ultimately played a part in bringing them hope.  With many songs, skits, and exhortation with Scripture this team has been a true blessing to these sweet and needy people. But we were not the only ones handing out blessings on Thursday.

Jennifer and Jospehine had organized an amazing Thanksgiving dinner for us.  They invited the Health Alert Team and a few of the children that have been served by Sweet Sleep in the past.  They poured out blessings to us with gifts, their finest food, amazing words of encouragement and prayers.

I once shared a thanksgiving meal with unexpected families members when I was in the 5th grade.  I was in the hospital for a lengthy period of time and my mom and dad were faithfully enduring (probably with more pain than I was in) that holiday season.  The medical staff and new friends became a brief Thanksgiving family to my family.  This year, my wife and two children were doing their thanksgiving with family back in Texas… without me.  It brings me so much joy to rush back to Texas to my wife and family (and extended family) to tell them the news of my our new family members.  Thanksgiving in Gulu was a serendipitous blessing.

I actually held it all together until Josephine suggest we sing Amazing Grace to close out our night.  I held Chris’ hand with my left hand and in my right hand was the hand of a young boy who had recently been given a bed.  Between both of them was an undeserving sinner who was not only saved by amazing grace, but continues to be sustained by it.  I was holding hands with two servants that love Jesus Christ and have chosen to spend their days singing and acting on that love.

Sweet Sleep is truly one of the greatest ministries that I’ve been a part of.  I do not think I have met two more courageous, compassionate, and hope-filled people than Josephine and Jennifer.  The work in Uganda will be bearing fruit for generations.  To experience this and “taste” just some of this “fruit” has truly been a special thanksgiving for me.

Thank YOU for reading and supporting this work!

Embracing and Exalting the majesty of God in all things for the joy all people,
Jason Goings

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