A Unique Experience

Yesterday was the last of four incredible days of bed distributions in northern Uganda. In all, three staff members distributed 1,100 beds this week. It was a remarkably unique experience, unlike any other distribution we’ve ever had. Without the support of a mission team, the three of us got to touch the hands, and speak directly to every single one of the 1,100 children who got a bed; all of whom were addressed by name. That one on one, individual attention is such an important part of the experience for these children.

By now, you may have heard that we exceeded our goal of providing 2,500 beds to children around the world! We’re so humbled and thankful for the generous giving that made that possible, and we could not be more excited and proud of this accomplishment.

Today, we’re celebrating all that God has done in and through Sweet Sleep. As you say your prayers, join us in saying an extra one for these 2,534 children who are tucked snugly into their very own bed tonight.

Sweet Dreams from Uganda!

Madelene, Stuart, and Jennifer

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