A Valuable Gift?

As Christmas sneaks up, peeking around the corner, it can be too easy to lose sight of the caliber of that special day we all celebrate.  Do we choose to look at this “holiday” as one to fill up stocking, boxes, and endless wrapping paper with gifts of some form value? Do we choose to stress over a gift to fill some form of expectation from a loved one? What form of value do these gifts hold that we give?

Thinking back to this day thousands of years ago, to this child–the Messiah, the gifts that were brought and the reason for those gifts–this was the Son of God! The gifts were brought in honor and in celebration of this life that would change this world we live in forever.  These gifts were brought with love, respect, and humbleness toward this child. 

This Christmas would you commit to giving a different kind of gift. One of a different kind of value than are culture finds valuable. One that will change a life and humble you and loved ones.

Here at Sweet Sleep, we long to provide not only a bed for every head, but with each bed comes a bible bringing them the Word of God.  Your gifts to Sweet Sleep hold great value and purpose and thanks to you, children’s lives are changed forever–giving them a bed to call their own and the Holy Bible, holding more value than any other present can contain.

By Giving the Gift of Sweet Sleep this Christmas in honor of a loved one, you are not only changing the life of a child, but you are helping to educate and open the eyes of family and friends to the mission of Sweet Sleep.  Your gift can be of any amount you’d like and in honor of as many loved ones as you’d like.  Each card comes with an enclosed magnet so that your recipient(s) will have a reminder of your gift to place somewhere special.  We are so grateful for your gifts and for your willingness to share the mission of Sweet Sleep with others.

The only way that Sweet Sleep continues to provide beds to the world’s orphaned and abandoned children, is through your generous gifts.  Why not Give the Gift of Sweet Sleep this Christmas and have your boxes, wrapping paper, and stocking filled with a gift of love, joy, hope, peace, and most importantly rest for a child in need. So simple and life-changing.

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-the Sweet Sleep team

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