Ahhh, Martin…And Friends…Part 2 :)

Hey Everyone!!!!! It’s Lannette again…I think I’m getting addicted to this BLOGGING thing!!!!:)

A few words and LOTS OF PICTURES from our visit to Orhei…

Orhei…what can I say? Words can’t possibly express the experience we had today!!!! It was an ABSOLUTELY AWESOME DAY!!!!! We entered the orphanage with some nerves about what we were about to see… What would the conditions be? How would the staff react to our presence? How many beds need to be built? WHERE IS MARTIN????

For those of you who haven’t heard the entire story about Martin, please read Jen’s BLOG from February called “Ahhh, Martin…and friends!” Martin is FAMOUS!!!!! HE IS A ROCK STAR…A FAMOUS ROCK STAR…and yes…for those of you who know the story…HE WAS WAITING FOR US WHEN WE ARRIVED!!!!!!!

Martin met Jen in November 2007 during a scouting visit to Orhei! He was so excited when he learned that Jen would return to Orhei with a Sweet Sleep team in March 2008. When the team arrived, they learned that Martin had been waiting by the gate for Jen to return…EVERY DAY SINCE NOVEMBER!!!! The excitement was short-lived when they discovered that the orphanage director had requested that the shipment of beds be given to the younger children in the orphanage! Martin was so sad to hear that he would not be receiving the bed he had so diligently been waiting for…but in true Martin style…he happily promised that he would wait and that he would do his favorite thing…sing when his Sweet Sleep friends returned with the remainder of the beds.

I must say…I have been excitedly waiting for my chance to personally meet Martin ever since I read Jen’s February BLOG!!! I even shared the story with my Wednesday night GA Class (Girls In Action-Missions Activities) as they stuffed teddy bears in preparation for this trip!!! These 5th and 6th grade girls begged me to bring them a picture of Martin!!!! Well girls…I now have many wonderful pictures of Martin!

Check these out…

Again…Have I told you that TODAY WAS AN ABSOLUTELY AWESOME DAY????? If not, TODAY WAS AN ABSOLUTELY AWESOME DAY!!!!!!!! (Yes Jen…I like to use exclamation points…especially this week…and yes…WE FINALLY GOT TO HEAR MARTIN…THE FAMOUS ROCK STAR…SING THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SONG I’VE EVER HEARD!!!!:)

The “Martin Experience” was the icing on the cake to a wonderful week!!!!! Martin waited for a long time for his turn…as did many of his friends. Tonight…I am happy and privileged to report…that ALL of the children in the orphanage at Orhei FINALLY HAVE A BED FOR EVERY HEAD!!!!!! Somn Dulce! Lannette Burlingame:)

5 Comments on “Ahhh, Martin…And Friends…Part 2 :)”

  1. showeth


    It so wonderful to see those smiling faces. We take for granted what we have and how much God has blessed us. We just wanted to check in on you and tell you we love ya and miss ya!

    Chaney, Shannon, Jake & Dalton

  2. Jen Gash

    Ohhhh, how fun! I love that there are so many pictures! I’m pretty sure if I printed these out I could make a flip book that would make me feel like I was actually there! 🙂

    I’m so glad that you could be there to see my boy Martin get his bed! I had several people come up to me today to ask if he’d gotten his bed yet! 🙂

    It makes me extremely happy to know that, right now, my sweet Martin and all of his friends, are sleeping like little angels in their new Sweet Sleep beds.

    Now, if only I had been able to hug them all goodnight!

    Continuing to pray for the team and the rest of the opportunities God shows you.


  3. William

    Lannette!!!!!!! OMG!! I am at a loss for words….and you know that is almost impossible!! ha
    God is soo good..all the time! Hope you are getting rest….can’t wait to hear all the other stories!! Alicia

  4. Michael Burlingame

    Oh my!!! Martin has a very addicting smile. I find myself smiling from ear to ear just looking at your pictures. All of ya’lls pictures and stories are just amazing!!! We miss you alot and can’t wait to see you Monday. The girls would like to say alittle something!
    Madelyn: I miss you mommy forever!
    Mackenzie: I miss you mommy. Its great to see Martin so happy with his new bed. You must be very happy to finally meet Martin, I would be to. I hope you are having a great time in Moldova. I wish that I could have personaly seen the kids faces when ya’ll gave them their beds. I wish that I could go to Moldova with you, It would make me so happy.
    Michael, Mackenzie and Madelyn

  5. urmycandygirl


    I am at a loss for words after reading all the wonerful things you guys are doing!!! Your stories about Martin have just made me sit and read them over and over … crying each time. I am more than certain the GA’s will be excited about your stories about Martin and all the other children. I am excited to hear all that happened!!! You guys (all of the team) are just so amazing!!!!

    With love and all my prayers,

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