An Answer to Someone’s Prayers

Driving back into Kampala after a 15 hour drive from Gulu was an experience. It was after dark and one van was without lights due to previous mechanical difficulties. The traffic was bumper to bumper for several hours. As we waited, several small children came to our window of the van begging. One of the children could not even reach the window and appeared no older than 3-4 years old. The following day we drove to My People’s Children’s Home, where many of the children like we saw that night have been taken off the street and provided love and shelter.

As we drove up, we were greeted with singing and dancing. We were shown the two buildings that Samaritan’s Purse built for dormitories for 65 children. The school building can only be described by a Texan as a rustic stable. The church, or common area, is a large tent. Inside each of the two buildings designed as dorms was an area approximately 25′ X 25′ that is the sleeping area for the approximate 65 children. One for the boys and one for girls. Currently, there are two mattresses for the girls and three mattresses for the boys. Everyone pretty much sleeps on the floor. The girls 16 years of age or older live in a separate building.

We were taken to an area under several trees that they called their Prayer Altar. Pastor Grace told us how thankful he was for Sweet Sleep, and how our coming was an answer to their prayers. Pastor Grace shared his vision and be able to provide them a place for love and shelter.

What a wonderful day it was, spending time with these children playing and singing. The children were so happy and excited to have us there. I met Very, who was 9 and spoke very good English. Very introduced me to her friends, Betty, Emma, Billy, Jackie, Rose, Paul, and many others. We played variations of jump rope with corn stalks tied together.

The important thing for me today was not only spending time with these beautiful children but realizing God truly sent our team to answer someone’s prayer. My Children’s Home staff members have been praying for these children and are committed to providing them love. Several times, Pastor Grace stated, “We have been praying for you and you are an answer to our prayers.”

Uganda is a beautiful country with generous loving people. Inspite of what they have been through in the past or currently suffering, they remain full of hope in God and trust him completely. I’ve said from the beginning that God was sending our team to Uganda in answer to someone’s prayers. I found out who many of them were today.

Debbie Key

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