An Art View of Orhei…

OK, today we had a chance to receive one of God’s true blessings. We had a chance to take the whole team and translators to Orhei’s Casa de Copii (a special needs orphanage for boys). Ahh the impact it had on everyone, including those of us who had been there before. We had a chance to share yogurt and bananas with the boys. That’s about all I’ll share about because everyone else will be blogging about their experience.

Tonight, yep I am ahead of schedule, I want to share how talented the boys are at Casa de Copii. Below are some pictures of their art work:

Afterwards we went to lunch at Pizza Forte, bought ice cream then went back to Ivancea for another afternoon of VBS. The kids had a chance to experience a true Texas tradition and had a snack called a purple cow (grape soda and ice cream).

That’s about it for today…

Check back tomorrow and see how God blesses us and the children..


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