An emotional but amazing day…

Hello all! As many have already heard we are back in Chisinau…When we arrived at the orphanage today we waited outside and I heard my name being yelled but I had no idea where it was coming from. Matt pointed to the third floor of one of the dorms and I saw Ivan, Dima, (two orphans who have graduated that we sponsor), and Vasile yelling for me…just seeing them brought the biggest smile to my face and I went inside to help unload the coats that we would give away today. We were taking the boxes of coats out of Ms. Galina’s office when the little boy my family sponsors, Eugen, came up the stairs. I was beyond excited to see him and I could only hope he remembered me. This past summer he was glued to my sister’s hip, so I had a feeling that he would not know me because I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with him this past summer. I asked him if he remembered me and said I loved him, and he said, “yes I remember you, and I love you too…” I had to fight back tears as he grabbed my hand and held on tight…

After we gave the kids their coats, we had a basketball tournament between the Americans and some of the graduated orphans. As Eugen sat next to me, still not letting go of my hand, he looked up and started yelling, “my Momma, my Momma!!!” His mother had come to the orphanage to take him for the afternoon. He ran to see her and a few minutes later came in to get me because he wanted me to meet her. I walked out of the gym into the hallway and she told me thank you for taking care of Eugen and then they left. At the time, it appeared that she was taking him for a couple of days at least, and I began to cry because I didn’t get to really tell him bye and give him all of the presents that my sister has collected for so long. However, later on as we were doing crafts, Eugen walked in, and ran to me…words just can’t describe the feeling that came over me when I saw this little boy’s face again. He did not leave my side the rest of the night…

So, as I sit here telling you about my emotional day, I know that my sister fell in love with this little boy for a reason, for in one day he has made me fall in love with him too. I can’t even tell you what it was like for me to meet the woman who gave this precious boy away for whatever reason…I didn’t know whether to be mad, upset, confused, etc., but I smiled and told her that our family loved him very much…These children mean so much to me and to see them, be with them, talk to them, and love on them, gives me the greatest joy…

Dima, Ivan, and Artur say hello and that they miss you…I found a little girl in Falesti that I have fell in love with named Ludmilla, I can’t wait for you to see what she looks like…tell Bekah I have a video of Eugen and he keeps asking why she isn’t here…

Jessica Beasley

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  1. Linda Blough

    Okay! I am crying like a baby right now. Just give me a minute to get my composure…
    I was so excited to hear from you and to hear about the precious time you spent with Eugen. Stephen was on line with Bekah and told her you were doing well. I am not suprised. I knew you would.
    I can’t wait to hear about your new friend Ludmilla. She is blessed because of you. Just like I am.
    I am also glad you got to see the guys. I bet that was so exciting! Man on man, I wish I was there with you so I could share in this experience! But I know I did the right thing by letting you go by yourself.
    I am rambling on and on. So Please take lots of pictures and make sure you get some with you in them. Lots of hugs and kisses to our extended family and to you.
    God has chosen you Jessica!
    Love you dearly!

  2. Anonymous

    It seems so ironic to read that the child was taken from the orphanage by his mother. The whole situation is so in need of help. I am so very glad you guys are there sharing love with those children!

  3. Laura Cantrell

    Dear Jessica,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog and hearing about all of the guys. Please tell Dima, Artur, Ivan and Vasile Hi from the rest of the bed building team. I am really glad you got to connect with Eugen too. I know that made your whole family happy. I wish we were there with you to see all of those precious children. Give them all hugs for us. We can’t wait to hear all about it when you return. We are praying that God will continue to bless your team in a MIGHTY way!
    Laura, Elizabeth and Pat Cantrell
    P.S. Tell Stephen HI ! He is soooo funny!

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