Andrei has arrived!

We were in the midst of throwing out the nastiest old mattress’s you can imagine when Scott said I needed to see Jen downstairs. As Andrei was not on the boy’s van yesterday and I had been told it would be closer to the end of the week before he would arrive I suspected nothing.As entered the room Jen was in she was so serious when she said there was someone she wanted me to meet. As I looked to her left there was my handsome,smiling Andrei by her side! Several team members who knew that he had arrived had gathered round to witness the first meeting.Whether he wanted it or not he found himself on the receiving end of a really big hug. Considering he hugged me back and smiled and said in English”nice to meet you” I think he liked the way he was greeted. We chatted with one of our interpreters,Dan, for a few minutes and them I headed off to hang more wallpaper and he begin laying flooring with the men on our team. He is really a good worker! We had a good chance to visit at lunch time. Roma handled the interpreting for us at that point. He is a year older than Andrei so he was most helpful with the conversation. For those of you who know how much I have looked forward to this meeting be assured I will tell you more about him when I return home. I will also have lots of pictures for you to see! We are haveing a great trip thus far. We have laid lot of new flooring,wallpapered several dorm rooms and repaired countless beds. We are making progress with the teenage boys we have come to work with. They were very tentative with us yesterday but today were much more engaged with us. It is late now and we have been on Tim’s computer a long time so I will close this. Continue to remember us in prayer. We are giving it our best shot with these guys. We are planting the seeds and trusting that God will bring them to the harvest.

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