Another exciting time with the orphans…

Here we go again… I am blogging first thing in the morning because it took so long to down load everyone’s pictures to my computer. Believe it or not, I am feeling less about talking and more about sharing thru pictures. I guess that may be due to the fact that I am continuing to run on 4 1/2 – 5 hours of sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I awake refreshed every morning. God is blessing us as much as I believe that he is blessing the kids.. Yesterday after completing the beds, it seemed that there were no kids to be found (could be because they were studying for a final exam) so Jon (our Sweet Sleep staff member) decided that we could do a little local site seeing before lunch. Ahhh, the beauty of Moldova. Afterwards we had lunch at Pizza Forte (can’t beat it, feeding 24 people for about $100).. Only problem was that we forgot to plan our afternoon schedule around a 2 1/2 hour lunch (takes a while to fix pizza for all of us). Our afternoon with the orphans was another awesome time. After a our acting out David and Goliath it was off to more recreation, crafts, music, small group time and snack time (my favorite and not because it deals with food. I am part of the snack crew and let’s just say that we chicken dance daily.. We ended our day at the orphanage with us the Americans singing “This is the Day” in Romanian along with the kids. We ended the day with a nice dinner, team devotional and then it was prep time.

Ok, gotta go.. Will blog again later…


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