Arrival in Gulu

How great is our God! Anytime anyone travels overseas and for long journeys…things inevitably go wrong or are made difficult. The Lord was with us the whole journey and we have all arrived safely with only a few bumps is the road. Every time I visit Africa, I am reminded just how truly wonderful the Lord is. We had the privledge of visiting Africa Greater Life (an orphanage previously visited by Sweet Sleep). The children show such true joy. It is such a wonderful feeling to be surrounded in true bliss and dependence on God. I am thankful that as a team we were able to spend our Sunday morning worshipping with these children who have had beds provided by Sweet Sleep. Seeing the difference it has made just makes our journey even more real.

After a long 6 plus road trip we have arrived in Gulu! I ask for you to join our team in prayers for the travel and the wonderful children we will meet this week. Please pray for their health, spirits, and comfort. I also ask that you will pray that we are courageous in the Lord and seek every opportunity to serve Him while we are here! Thank you so much for your support.

Sweet Sleep,
Amanda Calhoun

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  1. perrie

    Hurray! So glad you have blogged so soon 🙂 I’m thanking God for your safe trip, and I can’t wait to hear the marvelous works i know He has planned for those precious children! We’re praying for you all daily–MANY times daily!

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