Art Teacher to Art Teacher

Something I was not expecting for this trip was the opportunity to visit with the art teachers for the children. Part way through our craft project yesterday one of the teachers came to me with this box that had been converted to an art display masterpiece, if I do say so myself. She introduced me to the boys that had created the seed art in the box. Of course my eye’s where huge and my excitment went through the roof that I was going to get to take home some of their art. I talked with the teacher some more and found we had much to share and she invited me to her art room to show me all the treasures the kids had made. I can not even begin to describe the amazing cuteness of this room and the kids working on their project. At the end of this narrow room was a large window and some shelves covered in art. All made from found objects lots of seed art, eggs, play dough creations, and paper mostly animal designs. So sweet! Of course my excitment for the art promped more sharing and we went out in the hall and she showed me all the art on display in the hall explaining each project with such pride and excitment. Another teacher came by and brought me into her room and showed me all her projects, amazing I might add. Then she pulled out this what I can only describe as a treasure box made of cards cut and sewn together to create this box with working lid. I was in amazment and asked how old the student was and they where in the 6th grade! She then said the majic word “gift”!!! What for me what. Da “yes” I muttered. Even more this same afternoon I talked with the paster’s wife about art and she has been working on bringing local women together to do art projects together while doing some Bible study. She said the women are opening up and responding so well the opportunity.
All these interactions where such a blessing to have conversations about our students and how proud we are of their talents and gifts, no matter the child’s academic abilities and disabilities. The smiles on the teacher’s faces told me they where encouraged. This was also so special coming from a culture that encourages skill jobs and not so much the arts. I can not wait to take these new treasures back to my art students and encourage them and share the beautiful and talented children of Moldova with them.

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  1. Segmation

    When describing a good art teacher, many statements come to mind. One being, teachers are “not born but made”. Over time, these individuals become skilled in the art of teaching. Which seems entirely appropriate for a good art teacher.

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