Our Both Hands Project

It’s your birthday – make a wish! What do you wish for? OUR wish came true this weekend as we celebrated twelve years of incredible ministry by linking arms with local non-profit ministry Both Hands Foundation to serve a local widow by doing home repairs and giving her a total yard makeover! Early Saturday morning, a team of more than … Read More

Happy Birthday to Sweet Sleep

Happy Birthday Sweet Sleep! For 12 years, Sweet Sleep has worked tirelessly to show God’s love and hope in Christ to the world’s orphaned and abandoned children. What started with serving a singular need in a tiny country called Moldova has turned into a ministry that has provided over 22,000 beds to children in seven countries, emergency relief efforts following … Read More

Intro to Moldova 2015

I am struck today in a very profound way by the circumstances in which I find myself. I’m standing in a camp that was built during the Soviet era that was used as an Communist indoctrination camp for youth. I’m standing on ground that was dedicated to promoting thoughts and ideals that were openly in opposition to my Christian beliefs. … Read More

Years in the Making

Minutes away from making history. Minutes away from boarding the flight that will take us to the poorest country in Europe – the country once known as the breadbasket of the Soviet Union and that is now in the crosshairs of a movement that could leave thousands of children forgotten. As Moldova closes its orphanages, Sweet Sleep has responded by educating, … Read More

Day of Rest (Spencer Key)

It’s 7:00am and most won’t be up for another hour. Today we travel to Gulu so we can distribute beds on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Monday will be about 3 hours drive away in Agoro, close to the Sudan border. Tuesday we will still be several hours out of Gulu in Oroko, and then Wednesday will be close by in … Read More

Countdown to Gulu (Spencer Key)

It is about 24 hours from the time our group will be landing in Amsterdam on the first leg of our journey, and 9 hours from when we load up and head to the airport. My how time flies (pun intended) and how quickly situations can change. Today was going to be one of my busiest days at work of … Read More

45 Kids Left to Be Sponsored for Summer Camp

People ask me all the time how I possibly travel the way I do, run a ministry, and care for my three young children. The answer lies in a beautiful and finely orchestrated dance my husband and I have committed to doing together. We purposefully don’t have a nanny or outside help because…

Gulu THANKS You!

One week ago, God took me to a place and showed me things that I had never experienced before. He then inspired words that told the story of a tiny village that had gone overlooked by all but Him. Until Now.  We must never underestimate the power of what good we can do in this world, together. Your response to … Read More

Storms, Grief, and Purpose (Kurt Koehn)

It’s 1:50 am on Wednesday morning in Gulu so it’s 5:50 pm on Tuesday in Nashville. The thunderstorms have been relentless for the past hour. I worry that the rains will make the dirt roads to our next village impassable. I feel a deep need to be there. To miss today’s delivery would mean 75 children will not get their beds … Read More