Day One Experience – Uganda

“Overwhelming. Heavy. Heartbreaking.” Some of the words I heard from this team at the end of their first day in the field in Uganda. Unbelief. It can’t be possible. There’s so much need. I watched as the team unpacked all they had seen for the first time. Not only a third world country, but children: sick, hungry, crippled. Red dirt … Read More

Intro to Uganda 2015

This is our first mission in Uganda for 2015 and we’re bringing a brand new team. Last year, Sweet Sleep sent a single team for distributing 380 beds. This year, we’ll send three teams to cover over 1,000… Here’s a quick look at the incredible crew in action and their hopes, expectations, and dreams for this journey. We’re back in … Read More

Shrink or Grow

From Ronda Harris Some things in life are just simple; it is our head knowledge that can complicate things.  To go on a mission trip half way around the world people would tell you to be prayed up and I would agree with them.  However, that is not how I went on my mission trip.  To say that 2014 was a … Read More

Letter from the President (Winter 2015)

Dear Friends, I love this time of year at Sweet Sleep. Winter’s over, spring is here, and we’re gearing up for Sweet Summer. A season of planning, preparing and getting ready for what’s next is coming to an end while a season of new and exciting opportunities is on the horizon. What’s best about this season is that it’s all … Read More

Silence the doubt

Many aspects go into planning for a mission trip to a foreign country to serve people who you have never met and are not sure how to communicate.  Some aspects of course include raising funds, getting vaccinated, packing your bags and boarding a plane, but it is the emotional preparation that is not anticipated with the initial decision to go … Read More

Clinging to Hope (Tayler Garber, Project 615)

A verse that has been on my heart today is Psalm 73:23-26. It reads “Yet I still belong to you. You hold my right hand. You guide me with your counsel, leading me to a glorious destiny. Whom have I in heaven but you? I desire you more than anything on earth. My health may fail, and my spirit may … Read More

A Greater Purpose (Ronda Harris)

To give a child one crayon and ask them to create art, is heart breaking. The children that I met today at Bright Hope organization school, are happy and energetic, like many children their age would be. And yet, I gave them 1 crayon, 1 sticker & 1 paper to create art.. and still their art was beautiful. I know … Read More

I gave a gift and it changed my life

Have you ever received a gift that changed your life? How about – have you ever given a gift that changed your entire existence? Christmas, six years ago, I did… Christmas 2008 I wanted to give something a little different. That year I gave two bunk beds to kids in Uganda. That’s all it took. I remember watching a video about … Read More

Home – Stuart McAlister

Home. Home is a word that can evoke very strong emotions in people. For most of us, home is more than a place; it is people. In my time at Sweet Sleep, I have come to realize this very profoundly. I consider that I have many homes. I have my home in Franklin, TN with my wife and my two … Read More

Greetings from Uganda – Kim Miller

After traveling 8741 miles and 40 hours, we arrived in Gulu Uganda at 7pm on Saturday November 8th. It was a great journey. Although we were tired, we were excited for what lye ahead. God has prepared each of us for just this moment. As you know we were privileged to be able to attend church on Sunday in a … Read More