Greetings from Gulu – Treasure Hanna

Hello Everyone, Greetings from Gulu, Uganda! God is Great! We are having a wonderful time here serving our Lord! Yesterday we were able to worship in a local village church. It was the most AWESOME experience! There was singing and dancing and preaching and prayer and great fellowship! (And did I mention the hugs and hand shakes and huge smiles) … Read More


Today I heard too many times about parents who wanted to, or attempted to, poison their children. These are parents who so desperately cannot afford to care for their children that they see ending the child’s life swiftly as the only solution. Pictured are Stephen and Peter – brothers who are 7 and 8 years old. They come from a … Read More

Sweet Sleep + Project 615

For the next few months, we are teaming up with Project 615 to help make the rehabilitation of families possible in Ethiopia. We want to help provide funding and awareness as we team up to bring advocacy and resources to families so that they may be reunited with their orphaned and abandoned child or children.

Let Them Be One, As We Are One

John 17:21 “…let them be one as we are one…”

sat today across the table from American and German men who have never met each other, and share nothing but broken Russian and a passion for marginalized children of Moldova. As the man from Germany spoke of his conviction that now is the time to build family homes for orphan care I watched the other,

One Hundred Days

One hundred days; an amount of time often used to measure and predict the success or failure of a leader. It is an amount of time, after which we as a nation expect to see the trajectory our President will take us. Today, I end my first 100 days as President of Sweet Sleep on a flight to Moldova; to … Read More

Our first full day in country..

Hey folks, this is Dan McBride and it is my turn to update you on our amazing adventure. Those two words (amazing adventure) define my day today. We started out visiting the Voice of Truth Church in Chisinau. This church is rather different from the standard church here in Moldova. This church opens its arms to the non-perfect and non-Christians. … Read More

Last Prayer: World AIDS Day

“No one wakes up praying that God will give them the words to pray over a dying child.” – Jen Gash Jen spoke these words to me from 7700 miles away as I shared with her the story of Kevin, a 17 year old girl we had met the day before in Gulu, Uganda. Kevin was one of the children … Read More

Coming Home

Today was our second day in Uganda. Even though I have never been here before, it feels like coming home. I am completely in love with this country. Each place that we have gone, every person present is treated with the utmost respect. I had heard before I arrived that the people in Gulu were very kind and welcoming. Experiencing … Read More

3000 on the Border of Kenya

Today we drove about 95 km from Kitgum town to the village of Patonga to distribute 120 mattresses and kits. Oh what a beautiful ride. Mountains…sunflower fields…cotton fields…1 lane red-dirt roads…dust…huts…people! It was a three hour drive. We caught a glimpse of the tone of the day upon arrival. A huge sea of faces, a mob really, greeted us at … Read More

Uganda Distribution Day 4

Today was Distribution Day #4 and WOW, what a day! I will try to capture this special day by sharing a few highlights with you, they are as follows: The weather was beautiful Our destination was only (30) minutes away The greeting we received upon our arrival was energetic, passionate and traditional The area school children were full of smiles … Read More