Uganda Distribution Day 4

My heart was filled with various emotions because I knew it was our final day of distributing beds. However, for these 90 children in the northern most part of Uganda, it was one of the happiest days of their lives because they knew that Sweet Sleep was coming.  So I tried to imagine their emotions.  I bet their hearts were … Read More

Gulu Uganda Distribution Day 3

Through the eyes of our youngest member   I’m sharing with you our third day of distributions through the eyes of a sixteen year old. The trend of long and bumpy roads continued as we traveled 3 hours outside of Kitgum to reach our distribution site. Pulling up to the site we had no clue what to expect as this … Read More

Coming out of hiding…

Something we talk about through these Northern Uganda distributions are the children who come out of hiding.  It’s worth explaining what this means, and how Sweet Sleep responds. HIV/AIDS is so prevalent in Northern Uganda.  With great intention we seek out organizations who are caring for this extremely vulnerable population.  We’ve been meeting with HIV and infectious disease specialists to … Read More

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

We got to the first distribution site today and almost first thing I see a boy that I totally recognized from last February. I kept watching him and he kept smiling and watching me. I get back to where we are staying so I can find his picture from last year on fb. Sure nuff there he is IN THE … Read More

Gulu Uganda Day One

Today was our first day in Uganda and we spent the morning at Bless Hope Orphanage.  Not only did we get to start our week off worshiping with these beautiful children but also today we National Orphan Sunday!  So we got to spend time worshiping and praying for the orphans that were right there with us.  WE got to look … Read More

Gulu Uganda 2013 Travel day

We have been so busy doing ministry this week in Uganda.  Here is a little recap of the first couple of days… As you read this post, we have embarked on our 12 day Mission Journey.  Fifteen of us awoke this morning in our own personal “comfort zones” in the USA.  Tomorrow we will become immersed in the country of … Read More


Sweet friends, we are left truly speechless by your prayers, messages, and “shares” for our story about Maureen. I met with the Director this evening to receive an update. Yesterday at our beds distribution I found a ten year old girl in a pale blue dress lying listlessly at the outskirts of the crowd.  She was burning hot with fever … Read More

Heart for Moldova (Day 3)

Tonight we celebrated the opening ceremony of the Moldova: Heart For Orphans event. Over 500 Christians from across Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Belarus, and America gathered together to worship and pray for orphans. The goal of this event is ultimately to spark a movement in the Church of Moldova to have a compassionate heart for their own and champion indigenous adoption … Read More

A Heart for Moldova (Day 2)

In my post yesterday I mentioned that the Moldovan government is actively working to close all orphanages by 2020. In January, through the bed ministry of Sweet Sleep, we began actively praying and working to help unite Moldovan orphans with Christian Moldovan families. Based on an “indigenous adoption” model we experienced while visiting orphans in Ethiopia, the vision for Heart … Read More

Heart For Moldova

We’ve been told this will be the coldest Moldova winter in 100 years. Today that proved to be true! Beautiful Moldova greeted us with cloudy skies and brisk temps as Jen, on her 32nd visit and I on my second, drove south across the small Eastern European countryside to meet Pastor Ion Groza, our Country Director. It all began here … Read More