But the greatest of these?

OH Moldova, OH Moldova! If you could hear the tune accompanying these words in my head, you’d find my song to be quite cute. I made it up a few summers ago when I was here and I discovered that strange and unexplainable things happen in this country. And not just while you are here, but once you get home. … Read More

From Falest with Love

Here are a couple of shots I thought I’d share with you from the first team in Falest. The children come from an orphanage of 360 children. Our camp was for 140 children between 2 years and 16 years old. The first picture was taken on the first day as many exicted children crowded around each team member. So many … Read More

Emily and Jen “isms”

Ok, after more than two weeks of an emotional roller coaster, Jen and I are sitting here together on our last night. So, to lighten the mood a little bit, we thought we’d list some random inside jokes that none of you will understand…well, some of you will. =) 1. “No, but I have some Vasoline.” 2. “No, I said … Read More

Bowling Moldovan Style

A little disclaimer. With minor technical difficulties on my account – probably self-inflicted – I’m writing under Emily’s blog account. It would be impossible for me to offer my reflections on the entire week tonight. I know it will take at least a week to process everything, but I do want to get down my thoughts on today as it … Read More

Bed Elves

Today was a great life moment. Today I think we were all dragging a little from the intensive construction week we’ve had. However, when we arrived at the job site (the orphanage) we were greeted by some very eager faces who quickly ushered us up to the third floor of one of the dorms. Artur, Vasile, Dima and Ivan threw … Read More

Noapta Buna

Hello y’all, you guys, etc….(politically correct for yankee’s and southerners) This trip has been awesome. We are almost done with the beds, finished two room floors, visited the infant orphanage and spotted the elusive Moldovan Rickshaw(photos to come later, yes… you have to come back). We have really worked hard and are planning to have a little fun with the … Read More

Out with the old, in with the new…

We had breakfast at 7 am this morning…pancakes, cereal, fruit, yogurt. We are not short of food here at Sasha and Lucia’s house. I can assure you of that! We headed out to the orphanage to continue working on our 180 beds. We finished assembling most of the beds and began carrying mattresses and mattress covers over to the dorms. … Read More

Miss Moldova 2005

Hi, this is Ashley. I’m posting under Emily b/c I don’t yet have a subscription to this blog stuff. So, this has been a really great week so far. Our team is kicking some construction booty. I know today we completed around 120 beds, which is well over half of our goal. We’ve been sealing the wood piece by piece: … Read More

Fields of Gold

Although it’s after one in the morning, I feel a need to be able to share with everyone possible just how beautiful a thing is happening here in Moldova. Of course, I’m biased…..so keep that in mind. As team one was preparing to leave we visited the largest orphanage in Moldova, which is where Sweet Sleep began and is still … Read More

Good progress…

Team 2, Day 2. First of all our last two team members arrived safe and sound last night. We got an early start this morning. Bill and Tom (Bill & Ted’s excellent adventure anyone?) started on the floor in one of the rooms. Jen went to get more stain, brushes, gloves, etc as we set up for the day. When … Read More