Make Every Day Count

Although it started like all the other days, day 3 on our Ugandan mission trip was entirely different than the other days. Brooke led the morning devotion then we were off on a one-hour drive to the northwest. As we arrived, the people were assembled and waiting out on the main road and escorted the van into the village as … Read More


I fell in love with a little girl today. Her name is Mercy, and she is severely handicapped. She struggles to maintain her balance, but she can walk. She has a mental handicap, but she can talk. She can see, but not well. I met Mercy in Alero, a village about one hour’s drive northwest of Gulu. She and another … Read More


Today!!! Oh, my heart.  As I write this, it is so heavy, but at the same time, filled with joy.  My tears are uncontrollable and I’m not sure if they are tears of joy or of sadness.  I’m guessing it’s a little bit of both.  I have been on a mission trip with Sweet Sleep before, and so far this year I haven’t … Read More

Imago Dei

I woke up this morning praying to God that he open my eyes to what he wants me to see, and to place on my heart what is on his heart. I wasn’t prepared for what He was about to reveal. In my 20 years in the medical field, I thought I had seen just about everything in child illness … Read More

Broken And In Love

I never dreamed that at age 65 I would get on an airplane and fly to a country in the middle of Africa on a mission trip, but here I am. Today was our second day of serving God in Gulu, Uganda. How blessed I have been. My heart has been broken and I have fallen in love all in … Read More

Opportunity and Circumstance

This morning I woke up in a bed. This afternoon I carried a child so sick with malaria he could not walk or talk. Why is it that I was chosen to wake up with a warm bed and a warm meal waiting on me when this child has to go through so much pain and starvation in a country … Read More

Going Home

All week we’ve been talking about caring for the orphan by equipping their caretakers to be self-sustainable. Another vulnerable group that very often gets overlooked are the older children — children in their teens who, without parents, are expected to be able to provide for themselves. But really, 13 and 15 year olds are still just children.  We’re excited to … Read More

Village Savings

A component of our economic development program in Uganda is the Village Savings and Loan Association, or VSLA. We’ve found it to be a critical piece to sustainability because it provides immediate relief to our beneficiaries, by our beneficiaries! It works much like a regular loan, except the seed fund and management of the fund is handled entirely within a … Read More

Necessary Adjustments

Day two in Gulu started with a visit to another one of our economic development groups in the Gulu district. This group, comprised of 30 HIV+ women and men, started a pig-rearing project following our February visit. With support from Sweet Sleep, a pigpen was built and five piglets purchased. When we visited in February, we found the group to … Read More

Goats, Loans and Hope

We have moved from Kampala to Gulu, and today Madelene and I, along with our program director of northern Uganda, Jennifer Oketta, went out to visit the first of four groups in the Gulu area that we initiated into our economic development program this past February. The group that we visited today in the village of Purongo is, like those … Read More